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Since 2007, theFilmakers joined a team of emerging film-makers coming from several European capitals (Amsterdam, Milan, Vienna, Paris, Krakow and London) to connect their music with cinema.
This project was baptised music4afilm and gave birth to music videos, short movies and original soundtracks. Five years later, in December 2012, theFilmakers started to work on the soundtrack of the French-Austrian Film, LA VIE NOUS APPARTIENT, which will be presented at international film festivals in 2013.

TAKEN directed by sci-fi creators Fabio&Fabio entered the TOP 20 of Babelgum Music Awards among the Best European Indie Videos of 2009 and was nominated for best music video at In The Palace (Bulgaria) & Espino (Portugal) International Film Festivals in 2010.

LITTLE WORLD (by Austrian dop Marco F. Zimprich) featured in 2010 an original soundtrack and three new songs (including the music video A WONDERFUL DAY) and will represent in 2013 Austria during the EuroChannel 24 countries short film selection. MYSHOES, produced by Fabio Guaglione & Fabio Resinaro, featured theFilmakers title track and inspired a music video which launched the band on Rock TV, Rolling Stones Magazine and MTV Italy, in 2011.

As new cinematographic productions and art projects developed, theFilmakers kept working on new songs and music soundtracks, until they started composing the score for the French-Austrian feature film, LA VIE NOUS APPARTIENT, in 2012.

    MYSHOES (2010)
short movie

Directed by Elisa Resinaro
Produced by Mercurio Domina
Title track by theFilmakers


    LITTLE WORLD (2009)
short movie

Directed by Marco Zimprich
Produced by Penny Lane Film & Metaxa Productions
Soundtrack by theFilmakers


reel 2010

Produced by Metaxa Productions
Title track by theFilmakers


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